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Next club meeting:


Ye Olde Falcon Pub



June 26th, 2016

at 12 noon EST




Ye Olde Falcon Pub


Ye Olde Falcon Pub

Located at: 2867 S University Drive Davie, FL 33328

(954) 424-0300




It's Cybermen Month at Weekend TARDIS!

For NEW Who we feature the Eleventh Doctor's meeting with a new and improved Cybermen race: Nightmare in Silver with Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and guest star Warwick Davis.

Then we DELETE these improvements to their beginnings with CLASSIC Who with the final William Hartnell story The Tenth Planet starring Anneke Wills as Polly & Michael Craze as Ben. The final episode of this is one of the lost episodes so will be shown in animated form released by the same animation company that created the original Danger Mouse and Wallace and Gromitt.

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Doctor Who is hands down, the best science fiction TV show out there and Weekend TARDIS is the best Doctor Who club in South Florida!

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